St. Ita's Pipe Organ

The pipe organ was built by Wicks Organ Company, and finished in 1951. It was highly regarded in its earlier years, one of the largest Wicks had built at that point, and was featured on at least one organ recording from 1956 made by Edward Eigenschenck. This remarkable instrument consists of 68 ranks, 60 stops, and over 4200 pipes, ranging in size from 32 feet to the size of a golf pencil. The pipes in plain view around the rose window are only a small portion of the pipe work which is housed in the chambers behind the grill work to each side, and each of the side chambers.

Its splendid and meticulous three year renovation was completed in 2003 by H.A. Howell Pipe Organs, Inc. and significantly enhanced the tonal resources of the organ with consideration to the original design of the instrument as one fitting for worship and the demands of the centuries of music written for organ performance. It is a magnificent work of art in its configuration and complexity. The marriage of such a marvelous instrument to this exquisite worship space makes it an irreplaceable asset to the parish, the surrounding community, and the Archdiocese.

Since its renovation and renewed acclaimed by artists and aficionados alike, numerous concerts have taken place featuring local and acclaimed organists such as, Todd Gresick, David Schrader, Douglas Cleveland, Ray Cornils, and featured several American Guild of Organist events, including a venue for the National Convention of the Guild in 2006 which featured French organist, Sophie-Veronique Caucheffer-Choplin, organiste titulaire at St. Sulpice Catholic Church, Paris, France. We are very fortunate to have such a treasure of an instrument!