Finance Council

The Finance Council consists of seven parishioners elected by the Council and then appointed by the Pastor. It also includes the Pastor and the parish Business Manager.  The Council members come from various career backgrounds but have knowledge/expertise in the fields of management or finance.

The Finance Council supports the overall parish life as a community of faith. The Council strives to keep the parish fiscally sound by balancing the needs and wants of the parish. The Council focuses on the short term and long term goals in relation to both the spiritual needs of the parish community and the physical buildings of the parish.

The purpose of the Finance Council is to assist the Pastor in the implementation of policy decisions in a manner that is fiscally responsible. The Finance Council reviews, monthly, the financial reports such as the reconciliation summary, balance sheet, general ledger, statement of receipts & disbursements, trial balance, unpaid bills detail, profit & loss budget vs. actual comparison, loan balance and interest payments, status of surplus fund, status of fundraising drives, etc.  Furthermore, the Council formulates and administers all budgets with the parish Business Manager. 

The Finance Council consults with the Pastor in the areas of budget, buildings and maintenance, financial planning and development, and any expenditure by the parish.  The Council reviews and approves the church budget, the annual report, the interim report, the monthly financials, and all reports submitted to the Archdiocese.  The Council   endeavors to comply with all Archdiocesan policies.

The Finance Council serves the Pastor and the various organizations and ministries at Saint Ita Catholic Church.  The Council supports the Parish Pastoral Council in the ideas and policies that they create in order to uphold the mission and ministry of the church.

The Finance Council normally meets eight times a year.

Finance Council Members:  Father Bob Cook, OFM Conv,  Betsy Covell, Magali Duvivier, Steven George, Joe Jacobs, John McCarthy, Cathie Ryan, Bill Sullivan and ex-officio members Charles Edobor, John Kryl, Roman Reyes, and Ed Stranc