Thank you for your support of our Parish community.  St. Ita offers the opportunity for all parishioners to give online through the secure, web-based donation tool Give Central.  You may set up your weekly giving via recurring payments or one time donations.  You may also use Give Central for special gifts, such as school support or Easter Flowers (in season).

Supporting St. Ita through Give Central is easy and takes just a few minutes.  Have your credit or checking account information ready, and follow these simple steps:

1)    Click here to visit our parish page on

2)    Select one of the gift funds, for example, “Weekly Giving.”

3)    Enter the amount you would like to give, and select the frequency from the drop down menu.  (Note: The first payment date will default to the date you sign up, but you may select an alternate date by clicking the date).

4)    If you select a recurring frequency, select the end date type.  Ongoing will continue the donations until you stop them.  A custom end date can also be selected.

5)    Click “Add to my Gift Basket.”

6)    Click “Checkout.” 

7)    Add more gifts, or click “Continue.”

8)    Sign up as a Gift Central user or give as a guest.

9)    Enter your information and click “Confirm Gift.”

St. Ita also welcomes weekly giving and special gift donations during all masses.  Want to support St. Ita another way? Please contact the Parish Office at 773-561-5343 or