Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism initiates us into the life and mission of Jesus Christ especially as He is encountered in the community of believers. It starts a sacramental initiation that continues with Holy Eucharist and Confirmation.

Presenting a child for baptism acknowledges a commitment by the parents to raise the child with the knowledge of the Catholic faith. It is important for the parents and godparents to take seriously their role in nurturing their children in the faith by practicing it both at home and at the Sunday gathering, having in mind that home is the domestic church and the first school in which we learn moral and religious values.

Children must be under the age of seven. If your child is older, he/she must attend the Religious Education program.

The mission of the godparents is to be faithful role models for their godchildren. At least one god parent must be a practicing Catholic, over 16 years of age, and confirmed. The second godparent may be member of another Christian community.

Baptisms are held at 10:30am on the fourth Saturday of the month. A mandatory baptismal class for parents and godparents is held once a month, prior to baptisms, at the Rectory.

The suggested donation for the baptismal preparation, baptismal candle, and certificate is $50 for parishioners and $100 for those with no connection to the parish.  If you choose to make this donation, please bring it to the baptismal class. There is no charge for sacraments of the Church — no parishioner will be turned away if they are unable to make a donation.

For more information please call the Parish Office at (773) 561-5343.